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Last updated on January 29th, 2021

If you are looking for the best places to meet girls in Rome and a dating guide then you have come to the right place. Obviously one of the most historic cities in the world should have plenty of romantic date spots as well as places to go out and pick up single women .

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  • Loveawake is a highly innovative Rome online dating portal with a unique concept. Specifically, it offers busy singles the opportunity to engage in live “speed dates” before making the decision to meet in real life. A creative approach, and a great way to weed out undesirable matches before risking real-life encounters.

This is one of those towns where you can come up with a game plan, but you may not need to stick to it. Try to be out on foot as much as you can, smile at any pretty ladies who walk by, and let the day lead you where it may.

We love writing guides for cities like this even though in truth they aren’t all that important. It is good to know of the best spots to meet single girls in Rome, but you will be able to figure things out on your own while you are here pretty easily.

However hooking up with Italian girls will probably be a lot tougher than you imagine. They are known to be some of the most conservative women in Europe, many guys who live here choose to focus on picking up other tourists in the singles nightlife if all they care about is getting laid.

Table of Contents

We will start with some of the best pick up bars and nightclubs in the city before also mentioning good areas for day game and online dating. Then we will transition to our dating guide where the best romantic restaurants, wine bars, and things to do during the day will be discussed.

Meetup Speed Dating Romeo And Juliet

If you are on a budget remember that any time you are in a touristy area prices are going to be higher. Maybe try to eat a few blocks away from the attractions, and getting familiar with the metro map would not be a bad idea.

Nightclubs & Pick Up Bars

Some specific nightclubs and singles bars to pick up Rome girls would be:

  • Vinile at Via Giuseppe Libetta, 19
  • Alibi Club at Via di Monte Testaccio, 40/44
  • Toy Room at Via degli Avignonesi, 73
  • Ex-Dogana at Viale dello Scalo S. Lorenzo, 10
  • Black Garden at Via delle Capannelle
  • Goa Club at Via Giuseppe Libetta, 13
  • Ice Club at Via della Madonna dei Monti, 18/19
  • Circolo Degli Illuminati at Via Giuseppe Libetta, 1
  • Lanificio 159 at Via di Pietralata, 159A
  • Le Mura at Via di Porta Labicana, 24
  • Akab at Via di Monte Testaccio 69
  • Shari Vari – Play House at Via di Torre Argentina, 78
  • Yellow Bar at Via Palestro, 40
  • Freni e Frizioni at Via del Politeama, 4/6
  • La Base at Via Cavour, 270/272

There are plenty of places to party here, don’t worry we are holding back throwing a ‘when in…’ joke now. The main area for singles nightlife in city is probably Trastevere, if trying to pick up sexy ladies of the night then this would be the best area you could stay.

Another good party hot spot is San Lorenzo, this is where many university students like to go out and hook up. If you plan to do a lot of partying and hope to get laid those would be the easiest places in the nightlife to do so.

Most will tell you that it will be a little easier to hook up in Milan than here.

Meet Rome Girls During The Day

Meetup speed dating rome italy

We probably should have titled this section ‘meet girls in Rome during the day’ because most of it will be about places to pick up tourists. Women from all around the world will be coming here and they are likely to be more interested in a casual hook up then the local Italian ladies.

On the other hand some may consider this a religious vacation so getting laid may not be on their minds at all. Still, if all we care about is hooking up then we will take our chances with a girl on a holiday over a local Italian girl any day of the week.

Of course tourist attractions like:

  • The Vatican
  • Roman Forum
  • Colosseum
  • Quirinal Palace

Will be loaded with people every day, and the areas all around Piazza del Poppo and Piazza Navona will also have a ton of foot traffic. If you aren’t necessarily looking to hook up quickly and want to find a long term girlfriend in Rome then visit malls like:

  • Shopping Mall Porta di Roma
  • Euroma2
  • Parco Commerciale Da Vinc
  • Galleria Alberto Sordi
  • Centro Commerciale Roma Est

Chat With Girls Online

There are many good online dating sites in Italy if you want to find your future wife or long term partner. They may all be able to help you succeed at that if it is your goal.

Meetup Speed Dating Rome Pa

But for guys who are just looking to hook up or start something more casual you don’t have a list of options. Adult Friend Finder will be where you need to go, this is where you can find the under cover freaks near you who want to get laid on the down low.

When girls go out to party here they will be with their close social circle and won’t want to be seen leaving the bar with a stranger. Just because they don’t like that idea doesn’t mean they don’t want to hook up from time to time.

For many when the urge hits them they hop on Adult Friend Finder, this site is extremely popular in Europe and thousands of women in Italy have signed up for it when they want casual sex. They all click the links and register for one reason and one reason only, do you think you can help them out with it?

Rome Dating Guide

Now you know of the best places and ways to meet single girls near you and our Rome dating guide will fill you in on the rest. In all honesty we think it is good to be spontaneous here.

Sure, knowing a nice romantic restaurant or wine bar to visit is a good idea and here is a solid list:

  • That’s Amore at Via in Arcione, 115
  • La Pergola at Via Alberto Cadlolo, 101
  • Ristorante Ad Hoc at Via di Ripetta, 43
  • Il Gabriello at Via Vittoria 51
  • Antico Arco at Piazzale Aurelio, 7
  • Salotto42 at Piazza di Pietra, 42
  • Fernanda at Via Crescenzo del Monte, 18
  • Spirito at Via Fanfulla da Lodi, 53
  • BlackMarket at Via Panisperna, 101
  • The Jerry Thomas Project at Vicolo Cellini, 30

But this is one of the world’s great cities where you can head out on foot and see so many interesting things that you may miss if you have things all planned out. Go grab a nice meal, then take a walk around these historic streets until you find the right spot to settle down again.

Take her to a good show at the Teatro dell’Opera di Roma or the Teatro Argentino. Cap your date night off at Rome’s Comedy Club or one of the nightclubs listed above.

Day Date Ideas

For a day date think the same as above. There are so many quaint little cafes here that no websites know about that would make for a perfect date spot.

Then there are the obvious places like:

  • The Vatican
  • Villa Borghese
  • Villa Doria Pamphilj
  • The Colosseum
  • The Roman Forum
  • Trevi Fountain

Or any of the numerous museums here like:

  • Museo Leonardo da Vinci
  • Galleria Borghese
  • Musei Capitiloni
  • Explora Museum

Naples would make for a great weekend getaway with a special girl, but if you have already been there and done that try Bologna next time.

Enjoy Dating Rome Girls

Italian women can be very beautiful, if you want to find a loving wife then this is a great city for that. If all you want to do is get laid then you probably are going to need to focus your efforts on the tourists who are passing through town.

Or the single women on Adult Friend Finder, they will be the easiest locals to hook up with. That wraps up our best places to meet girls in Rome and the dating guide, enjoy your time here.

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Meetup Speed Dating Rome Italy

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Meetup Speed Dating Romeo

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