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Tired of frequenting bars and clubs and competing with other guys for women? Want to know where to meet girls where there’s little to no competition whatsoever?! This video is for you.

I’ll show you where to meet women with the best possible chance to pick them up!

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Look, man, most guys are doing this dating thing all wrong. Someone once told me, if you wanted to sell a book, the hardest place to sell it is a bookstore. Why? Because you are competing with all the other books. I don’t know if that’s true, but it’s definitely true when it comes to dating. If you go to bars, clubs or searching online then you are competing with every other guy there.

Instead, make meeting women a whole lot easier by going to where there’s little to no competition.

What’s your type of woman?

Listen, Most guys do the shotgun approach to dating and as a result, they are going for women that they aren’t even compatible with. Hear me out, if you ask any successful business how they find customers they do it a very specific way so they can target the demographic that is most likely to be compatible and want to buy their product. You need to view dating the exact same way. And if you do this you’ll start meeting and dating the women that you actually want. Then you’ll be ready to approach a girl and spark that attraction.

So what is your target demographic? Do you need to have a clear picture as to what TYPE of women you want to date? For example, you probably shouldn’t go looking for women in bars and clubs if you’re not even into party girls.

So first ask yourself these questions:

  • What age range should she be?
  • Do you want a party animal or a girl that keeps it classy? Or maybe a bit of both
  • Do you want an active girl that plays sports?
  • What level of education should she have?
  • Are you a health nut? Perhaps she should be too.
  • Do you want her to be ambitious and driven?

Understanding the qualities of your ideal girl will help you find where she hangs out. That being said, some of the following locations will appeal to you while others will not.

But before I give you the list of my favorite places, you need to know this: One of the biggest logistical factors to help you meet more women is to Optimize Your Lifestyle.

Purposefully live in neighborhoods filled with the women you’d like to meet. This way, you’ll see them more often in your everyday life. This will drastically improve the number of women you’ll meet.

The 12 Best Places To Meet Women

Yoga classes and festivals

Especially good if you love athletic and flexible girls and who doesn’t like that. Usually, these girls are really into health, nature, energy work like tantra, chakra clearing, and different forms of self-development.

Bars, clubs, and lounges

Make sure that you go to venues that you enjoy instead of going to ones that you don’t like just because there are more cute girls. Because you will do better if you are enjoying yourself.

The Dog Park

Have a dog? Then go here. Approaching her will be much easier because you immediately have something in common.

One of my favorite openers for a girl with a dog that I got from my good friend Vince Kelvin is “Hey what a cute owner you have!”

Health Food Store

Do you buy groceries? Well, she probably does too, especially if she is health conscious. Try Whole Foods. In my experience, a health food store has a lot more pretty girls than Walmart or Piggly Wiggly.

Coffee Shops

Do you like to read or work on your laptop? Well, head over to a popular coffee shop. For some reason, hot women love Starbucks. It’s kind of a trend.

Hang out for a couple hours, sit where all the people pass by, and wait until you see a lady you’d like to meet.

If she’s busy reading or working, make sure to acknowledge what she’s doing, “Hey, I see you’re reading. but I wanted to come over real quick and say ‘hi.”

The Gym

Beautiful women usually work out so find the gym where all the girls attend. Keep in mind at the gym they are not there to chit chat so keep it short and sweet.

Use our simple “Compliment, Qualify, Close” process to make her deeply attracted to you in under 3 minutes.

Cooking Class

Yup, most cooking classes are FILLED with ONLY women. The best case scenario is when women outnumber men because they’ll fight over you.

Music Festivals or Concerts

If you love music, then this is your spot. Large music festivals have TONS of women and they are all looking to have fun. To win the girl over, focus on having fun.

Shopping Malls

If you like a girl that dresses nice, then you can be sure she frequents malls. The best times are usually Saturday mornings.

The Park

I know of a girl that said, “I’d really love a guy to approach me while I am running.” This was a surprise to me. But yes, if she likes to run, she’d also like to meet a guy that likes to run. So you runners know what to do…

However, at popular parks, you’ll find women doing all sorts of activities.

The Beach

Sunny beaches are loaded with beautiful women in bikinis getting their tan on. The thing is that most guys are way too intimidated to approach a girl in a bikini – so by approaching her, you’ll stand out.

College Campus

Even if you aren’t in college, even if you are in your 30’s or 40’s this is my favorite place to meet women. Because it is a fun environment full of young educated women who are eager to socialize. So just visit your local university and go for a walk or visit a cafe on campus and strike up conversations.

Now you might be afraid that she’ll ask you why you are there. First of all, they almost never ask. If she does, just tell her you are taking a walk, or you like the coffee shop or that you have a friend that goes there, if it’s true. Or be honest and say that you don’t like meeting women at bars and clubs because they are too drunk and sloppy. You’d be surprised at how many women love that answer.

BONUS: Meetup groups

Join meetup groups or organizations that you enjoy such as hiking or wine meetup groups. You’ll find other women with the same hobbies so you’ll immediately have a connection and something to talk about. You can also take seminars or classes that interest you. I’ve found that a lot of women love to attend personal development workshops like PSI or Millionaire Mind Intensive and the women usually outnumber the men.

Somewhere else….?

But what if you are really into something not really all that girl friendly such as video games or shooting guns or MMA fighting?

Now even if you aren’t in your favorite environment, for example, you just see a beautiful woman walking down the street, make sure you approach her because even though you have no idea what her interests are or if she’s compatible you can easily find out. Take advantage of all opportunities!

Now, How do you start the conversation in each of these situations?

I created this Free Conversation Cheat Sheet where I break down exactly what to say after “Hi” to make her want you.

You get:

  • My top conversation starters for any situation…
  • Simple techniques to never run out of things to say…
  • A list of my favorite games to play that create a fun-flirty vibe
  • And simple ways to escalate the interaction.
  • And more!

Download it now because you’ll want to keep this handy before you go out.

And if you want us to show you how to meet women personally, click here for a free 1-on-1 breakthrough call.

I’m out! Cheers!

Intl. Dating Coach & Founder @ The Attractive Man LLC
Matt Artisan is considered one of the World’s Top Dating & Attraction Coaches.
For the last 5 years Matt has personally conducted Live Trainings and Workshops in over 36 countries, helping thousands of men all of the world build confidence and succeed with women.
He has been interviewed by ABC and featured on MTV.

Today’s topic: Where to meet married women! Like most men you are looking for a relationship that is exciting and sexual. That is intense and full of incredible emotions. If that is the case then keep reading. Also, If you have spent any time on our web magazine here at you probably have come across several of our articles related to dating married women.

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Having an affair with a Married woman can be intoxicating!

But Where to Meet Married Women open to having a side fling with you??

The conclusion you may come to after reading these articles is that maybe it may not be wise to get involved with a woman who is married to another man.

But, despite reading these other articles here you are at our web magazine looking at a way to meet a woman who is married.

Topics covered in today’s article on Where to Meet Married Women:

1. Why date a married woman?
2. The problems associated with dating a married woman!
3. The three best places/methods to easily meet married women!!
4. Final thoughts on where to meet married women!

In today’s article we will discuss the best places to meet married women that may be open to having a side relationship with a man like you.

Keep in mind, that having experience getting involved with several women who were married I can tell you that when these relationships end they normally and badly.

So let’s get to the meat of the article and delve into the topic of where to meet married women.

Here we go. After reading this article you will know where to meet married women who may be open to meeting a guy like you!

Why date a married woman? Seriously, why?

Since I shared with you my experience in dating women who were married in previous articles here on our web magazine I never really went into detail as to why I dated these committed women.

I mean, is there a significant difference between a woman who is married and a single woman? And if so, is the risk worth it?

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why I chose to pursue a side relationship with a married woman.

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Reason Number One: to prove I was better than the other man!

What? What the hell do I mean by that? Simple! I liked the feeling of being superior to her husband.

I liked the fact I could attract and “bed” a beautiful woman despite her being married.

I liked very much the fact that I had enough style and personality to convince a married woman to risk having an affair with me, a single man.

It was very intoxicating to know that I was attractive/appealing enough to convince a woman to be with me and not her husband whenever she had free time.

I guess you could say it filled my ego somewhat. Looking back at it now… it was kind of immature for me to do so.

But that was then and this is now.

Best Place To Hook Up Woodlawn Il School District

Reason Number Two: the sex and emotional intimacy was outstanding!!

It’s funny, but when with a woman who was obligated to be with someone else the time you have to spend together is accentuated.

The sex and emotions need to be fit into small little pockets of time here and there. This results in high intensity and high quality.

Add to these emotions the fear of getting caught and it all becomes very intoxicating to say the least.

Until you have been in a relationship with a woman who is married you will not know this…

…trust me when I say that!

Reason Number Three: no obligation to the woman!

We would have our little sexual tryst and then I may not see her for a week or two and then it would be yet again another sexual tryst.

While spending time with her I was free to go about my business of meeting other women, most likely single women, thus this married woman I was seeing was just icing on the cake.

The sex was great. The emotional intensity was outstanding. And I had my freedom to pursue other women without guilt!

I kind of liked that!

Reason Number Four: no guilt associated with our relationship.

If I did not call her I felt no guilt. If I forgot her birthday I felt no guilt. If I was selfish in the bedroom I felt no guilt.

She was married so she belonged to another man. What the hell did I care!

I would rationalize that by telling myself that if she cheated on her husband then at some point she would cheat on me.

Therefore, I felt no guilt in doing anything that she may find upsetting. Too bad! She was married… and not to me! What did I care.

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Reason Number Five: bragging rights to my friends.

There is something about a young man who could bed a married woman that would make him the envy of all his guy friends.

While most men struggle just to meet a good single woman to date, having the ability to date and bed a married woman was quite something.

I can still remember the day I convinced one of these married women to meet me at a strip club where my buddies were having beers…

…and watching them ogle at her as she was all over me trying to convince me to get a hotel to bed her before she had to go home to her husband.

The next day these two buddies of mine gave me constant shit about how lucky I was.


So these are just five reasons why you may want to consider dating a married woman.

For a young single man it is just plain fun, exciting and challenging to meet a married woman… and then get her into the sack.

I think it’s a lot more exciting than dating a single woman; and certainly much more of a challenge.

The “problems” associated with dating a married woman!

Okay, okay. So far all I have discussed with you in this article on where to meet married women are only the positive things.

True, it can be exciting and intoxicating and quite memorable when getting involved with a woman who is married.

However, there are numerous things you need to be aware of before taking on such a relationship. Did I use the word relationship?

Because, any relationship with a married woman is not really a relationship at all.

Let’s go over some of the negative pitfalls of dating a woman who is married before we go into the best places to meet married women.

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Pitfall Number One: you and/or her will get hurt emotionally!

All relationships come to an end and when dating a married woman it will come to an end much quicker than a standard relationship with a single woman.

She has commitments to her husband and her kids and her family… where the hell does that leave you?

You will be odd man out most times and at some point you will become emotionally damaged as a result.

Pitfall Number Two: confrontation with her jealous husband.

Never had this happen to me… luckily. But, there were many times I felt he may have suspected that she and I were being intimate.

This was the case with all of these side relationships with married women I had over the years.

And do you want to know something?

A jealous husband becomes very, very irrational which could mean a physical confrontation with him at some point for you. Yikes!!

Pitfall Number Three: you feel morally bankrupt!!

At some point you grow up… and realize that having sex with a married woman is a bad thing.

She is cheating on her husband she made marital vows to with you.

I do know for me, when this eventually hit me, I realized what a piece of crap I was for constantly pursuing this very attractive married woman.

Not to forget that all the women who were married that I had side relationships with had kids.

Thinking about that now I realize it was probably not a good thing that I distracted her from her main responsibility of being a good mom.

Just some things to think about before we go to where to meet married women.

The three best places to easily meet married women!!

So now you are probably wondering where I met these women who were married.

I met various women who are committed to other men using these three resources and/or events that any man can use without any difficulty.

While I do live in Hawaii all three can be utilized in your area as well.

Women are women… and many who are married are lonely and seeking out someone to be with because they are in a marital relationship that is not fulfilling.

That is where someone like you steps in. What you are lacking is a resource as to where to meet married women.

Below are the three places/events I used to meet married women on a very regular basis.

The “easiest” method is this:!

I remember first learning of this website, and out of curiosity, filling out a profile not sure as to what to expect.

After interacting with numerous women using this website I eventually did meet one for lunch who was fairly attractive and lonely within her marriage.

This lunch date quickly morphed into a series of coffee dates and eventually a dinner date.

By the time we met for the fifth time she was at my place with a bottle of wine and some condoms. Yes… she brought condoms!

She was so starved for affection and attention that someone like me easily filled the void… and our side relationship lasted for well over six months.

It ended only when her husband got a job transfer to the east coast of the United States.

This relationship that started out meeting on was very exciting and still resonates in my memory all these years later.

The most “interesting” method is this: attend a nonprofit social gala!

Every nonprofit organization in your local area will have some sort of fundraising or “black tie” event.

Having attended many of these you will see couples who are “well to-do” there to assist with fund raising efforts and to enjoy the evening.

Best place to hook up woodlawn illinois

At these events it is fairly easy to distinguish which couples are troubled and which are happily married.

Most of these couples will be higher income couples resulting in the husband working a lot of hours while the wife is home taking care of the kids.

This is your opportunity to be the man who can step in and give her the attention she is desperately looking for (and not receiving from her husband).

I have met so many beautiful women attending these black-tie events that I am surprised that other men have not figured this out as of yet.

Don’t be like all of your single friends who go to the nightclubs to find beautiful women.

Best Place To Hook Up Woodlawn Il Post Office

Go to these black-tie events were attractive married women are so open to meet someone like you.

The most “obvious” method is this: oldies night at your local dance club!

My buddy Phil would always drag me out to the local hotspot were on Saturday nights they had oldies night.

Oldies… meaning music from the 1980s. There you would find women who would come in groups and these women would be married.

Needless to say the pickings were fairly good as these women were out without their husbands having fun with their friends and somewhat open to dancing with anyone who should ask them.

I can still remember meeting this one very attractive Asian girl who was a few years older than myself who owned a small hairstyling studio just down the road from my office.

Once I asked her to dance she loosened up and talked about her husband and kids nonstop.

When I excused myself thinking I had no chance with this woman she would not let me go.

She continually bought me drinks whereupon we both got somewhat intoxicated and ended up in her car being a little intimate.

Four days later she calls me at my office and asked me out to lunch.

This little friendship lasted for well over seven months before I ended up fearing her husband would discover it.

I do run into her from time to time… and it’s always a pleasure to see her.

These are the best places/methods where to meet married women! I know that because this is how I went about meeting women who are married.

If you are serious about wanting to date a married woman then try one of these three and see how it goes.

If you put a little initiative in any one of these three I can almost guarantee you will have a lonely married woman in your bed before you know it. Date hookup in niles michigan.

Now get busy and start exploring these three options and plan how you are going to go about using one of them to meet a married woman who may need a man like you in her life.

Quick Tip: If you are serious about meeting and hooking up with married women then the EASIEST option is !! There is simply no other way to discretely meet these elusive women who are seeking a man like YOU!!

Final thoughts on: Where to meet married women!

Meeting a woman who is married is not all that difficult. They are everywhere. but nowhere.

Most married women have very busy lives working a career position and taking care of their families.

Very few women who are married have the time or interest in having a side relationship with a single man.

That is, until they run into a man who is intriguing and appealing enough to spark their interest.

In total I have dated roughly eight women who were married over the years.

The number one reason why they spent time with me, a single man, was that they were bored and felt ignored by their husbands.

This was consistent with all the eight women.

I certainly do not blame their husbands, as I know, like myself, they had jobs that were very demanding thus leaving little time for their wives.

Thus, opportunities for a single man to win over the heart of a married woman are almost endless.

The issue for the single man is to find out where the best place, or method, to meet these lonely women and then get busy in doing so.

Try one of the three that is mentioned above and I think you will have an opportunity to have that exciting side relationship that you always wanted to have with a married woman.

article: Where to meet married women?

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