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Are you in search of Refrigeration Services in Queens?

Have a commercial refrigeration, cooler or freezer that needs expert repair?

You are in the right place when it comes go affordable commercial refrigeration repair service in Queens

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Aster Commercial Refrigeration Queens Are Experts In Commercial Refrigeration. Walk in Or Reach In Refrigerators, Coolers, Freezer Services .

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By utilizing cutting-edge equipment, we can have all of your commercial chillers and freezers running like you just purchased them.

For trustworthy commercial reach in or walk in refrigerator and freezer repair work, depend upon the professionals at Aster Commercial Refrigeration in Queens. We work tirelessly to carry out high quality repair work on all of our customer’s refrigerators and freezers because we truely want to save you time and money.

For over 15 years, we have performed extensive restaurant refrigerator repair work and commercial refrigeration service, for our clients and businesses in Queens New York.

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Commercial Appliance Repair Services Near Me Queens New York.

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provides repair work for business refrigeration units including restaurant walk in/reach in refrigerator and freezer units and commercial refrigeration repair services to various industries. We repair, service and maintain any commercial refrigerator unit.

A few of these industries consist of:

food service, healthcare,
assisted living centers, gasoline station, and grocery stores


There are many possible factors for your fridge to not be cooling effectively. Here are a few.

  • frosted evaporator coil
  • bad evaporator fan
  • defrost timer not working
  • refrigerator compressor is bad
  • you could be low on Freon
  • condenser coils need cleaning
  • condenser fan has failed or is buzzing
  • start relay not working
  • If the start capacitor is bad, the compressor won’t run or will have difficulty starting
  • thermistor connect to the circuit board and passing faulty information to the compressor and fans causing overheating

Contact us for a diagnosis. It’s Free with the repair! 646-392-8169

The damper is a small flap that controls the circulation of air from the freezer to the fridge. It is generally found in the top of the refrigerator or on the back panel near the top. The damper is managed by a thermostat, which activates it to open and close depending on the temperature level of the air in the fridge.

Most refrigerators will last 13 or more years.

If your fridge is leaking Freon, it is generally due to a puncture, that makes it unlikely throughout normal operation in a kitchen to be noticed. It could take place if you recently attempted repair work without a professional, or thawed or scraped ice off the freezer. Call us right away to get your unit repaired! 646-392-8169

Freon needs to be at its correct pressure for the needed temperature level in a fridge. Sometimes, the quantity of Freon can be decreased with time through a leakage in the system, which is not expected to occur if all systems are working effectively. However, when it does, it can occur at different rates, just like any leakage. And like most leaks, it ought to be repaired. In refrigeration, and specifically commercial refrigeration, it is necessary that any considerable leakage is repaired immediately. You must work with a licensed specialist like Aster Commercial Refrigeration in Queens New York

We use the current innovations and with our comprehensive experience, offer our customers with trustworthy, cost effective solutions. Our group of professionals have more than 15 years of on-site experience and are able to effectively and efficiently resolve your problem with your business refrigeration appliance. Although each and every refrigeration unit is unique, we approach the problem the same way, with troubleshooting, a precise diagnosis and efficient solution. Our objective is always the same, to ensure your total satisfaction with our work and the resolution to your fridge home appliance malfunction problem.

We’re here to assist you 24-7 when an emergency happens, or you need maintenance of your existing commercial refrigeration systems and restaurant equipment. When we’re fixing your any commercial equipment, you can expect your repairs to last. Our punctual, professional
technicians offer personalized customer service so you can expect a quick response and knowledgeable answers.All of our work and parts are covered with a 100% warranty.

Call Aster Commercial Refrigeration Queens 646-392-8169 for service you can count on.

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Best Matchmaking Services Near Terrace Heights Ny

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